We all get that phone call from a friend who wants to go out..
and your not really in the mood.
& are clueless what to wear and how to do your make-up
well this my personal guide..
which may helpful to you.

I love a clean basic crispy shit
i have dark distressed jeans and light.
they always do the trick..
sometimes i find leggings give you a more undressed look
and distressed jeans have a little more sex appeal & aren't as boring.
i choose my shoe according to the color of my jean and shit
as demonstrated

when i don't feel like getting dress i dont wear much accessories
i like the more dainty appearance.

i pick lipstick according to how dark my outfit
or the simplicity of the outfit...

i pick my earrings according to hairstyle..

& i always do a basic cat eye..

lashes go according to destination :P

Downtown Pepper

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