hey dollls! Its me coming back at you with another amazing D.I.Y , I seriously love this one - its so unique, & chic . Also, If your creation come out like pictures, you'll save a lot of money rather than buying leggings similar to this :) Brought to you by : (http://www.outsapop.com/2009/05/why-buy-when-you-can-diy.html)

Materials :

Leggings (A size bigger)
Sewing Machine


The back leg of the leggins is uncut. I would take a one-size too large pair of leggins (or stockings 60 denier) and cut the entire front piece full of slits. at least 5cm / 2 inches apart. Then cut the panels loose in turns from inside seam and outside seam. The panel has to stay on at least from one seam! Rearrange the panels diagonally overlappng each other ans sew back from on to the inside seam.

If you create this , Send in your pictures:) ENJOY!
xoxo Jahshana

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