It was scorching hot yesterday!
I sprayed myself in all nighter so my face can stay as demonstrated in the picture above.

It was hot I wore a thin nylon spandex dress with (15.00)
A sheer nude top (25.00)
Black booties (50.00) wooven wristlet from the gap (48.00)
Feather necklace (?)

theres no secret about my love for ryan leslie

i see him play everytime he is in new york ! he is

I think what makes me so into him and his music is that he's so passionate about craft he's extremely talented. I don't view him as just a singer he's a musician a singer rapper producer. He doesn't box his self in.

he's relatable. Transitioning my self from a make-up to a radio show everytime before I go on air is the funniest thing to me because beauty is my expertise. & I just dived right in with no practice just my passion for what I do. if I'm capable of doing it why not? I have no limitations when it comes to what I strive for.

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