Who says you cant wear make-up to the gym?
Why not look presentable at the gym?
I'm not saying go to the gym dragged out, but natural make-up is fine.

I put together a little diagram of what i wear to the gym.
Sometimes I'm in the gym and i see women with a full set of brows and eyeshadow,
lipstick and the works. which can be to me a bit much

I'm not going to the gym looking for a husband.
but why not keep it simple and cute :)

Step 1:

Although its not necessary to apply primer with a tinted moisturizer
that's my preference.
I start off with a primer first, which is water base.
Primer helps create a barrier between your skin and the actual foundation, so it provides smooth layer to apply your foundation on top of. It also helps the product your placing on top of the primer from going directly into your pores.

Step 2:
i use the full cover concealer from make-up forever which is completely waterproof
so when i sweat it doesn't run.
i just place it underneath my eyes.

Step 3:

A little bit of tinted moisturizers
just a p size amount and i spread it as much as possible nothing beyond that
the urban defense is natural and only contains fruit oils
so its not heavy and doesn't clog the pores .

step 4:

Cannon Ball Mascara

This is a ultra waterproof mascara
Which can handle and sweat and water

Step 5:

A little cheek stain to create a natural flush on my cheek

Step 6:

Lock it all in with the De slick :)

This is good for a nice jog, the gym, the movies, errand running
or just a overall light day.


Downtown Pepper

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