Today, Was Amazing...
I got to spend a few minutes at The Lip Bar Lab!
The Lip Bar is a familiar name to this blog.
I absolutely love this brand.
I feel as though i have a mini connection with this brand.
I did make-up for there launch event and Ive Been in love since.
Click here to view there Launch event

Today I got to spend sometime watching the creator of the brand
Melissa make some lipsticks from scratch!! Amazing!
Inspiring to witness. Melissa is currently working on some color
for the fall collection.
Melissa's Collection for fall will be inspired by fashion.

Fun Fact: It takes Melissa 2 hours to make a lipstick
and it also takes 2 hours to make 70 lipstick!

Melissa stays true to her life style by having a brand that doesn't test on animals
Lipstick is enriched with Shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil and vitamin E for maximum moisture.

One thing that stuck out a lot was the smell of the lab.
it smell so good.!!
Smells like a mixture of chocolate, avocado and Shea butter
Creator: Melissa Butler Make-Up: Me Pepper Make-Up Artist

"Let’s face it, for years women, especially women of color, feared a bold, vibrant lip color. You stood back and watched from the sidelines, because “that color looks great on her, but I would never wear that” or “that color would not look good on me!” Well in 2011, a Detroit native decided to put all those pitiful fears of lip color to rest; to build a company that would forever change the way you looked at lip color. A company that would introduce women of all shades to experience a lip color that was not only bold in its shade, but also healthy in its intake.
Thus she created the Lip Bar. Melissa Butler, the Lip Bar founder and visionary, set out on a mission to impact the cosmetic industry with products that are unsurpassed in craftsmanship, quality and color. Handcrafted with a unique blend of natural ingredients such as vitamin E, Shea butter and avocado oil. The Lip Bar lipsticks are designed to moisturize, soften and amplify lips all while all while setting you apart with intoxicating bold, kick-ass colors.
The youthful, fun and sexy concept of a cosmetic bar comes from the desire to synergize alluring bold lip colors with every twenty-something’s favorite social setting. The Lip Bar caters to your individuality. Through our highly pigmented lipsticks, we aim to encourage self -expression through beauty. Everyone isn’t the same—nor should they look it. So try something new, let the Lip Bar take you a place where women are bold and fierce and they like their lip color and their drinks, straight up—no chaser!"- (Source

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