I am very picky about the brushes I purchase. I feel being in the beauty industry I am more concerned about the quality of the product.

So I look for things that will last vs getting more bang for my buck. I have brushes that have been an " investment " and they last me 6 years. Then there are others that have been with me only a month LOL.

When you're purchasing the brush as the consumer it is ok to unwrap your brushes feel the texture, You have to use this. With the right tools you get the right results. Trust me!

Below is the latest brush set I purchased from Nigel's Pro Store in California

Retail Price 110 with Pro discount 66 USD

Bdellium Brush I love the brush handle length, I like that they are easy to clean don't shed much. I like to paint a face so I generally go to for a brush set that has a lot of face tools vs eyeshadow brushes. You get two eyeshadow brush with a good angle and shape you can do a whole eye.

Downtown Pepper đź’‹

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