Creating the "Flawless Foundation Face"
When creating a flawless foundation face there are a few easy steps that will get you on your way your to beauty!

1. Primer
Primer is not optional it is a requirement when creating a flawless face.
The duty of a primer is to lock in your moisturizer and skincare, as moisturizers penetrate deeper into the skin and primers sit on the surface. Primer fills in pores fine lines and wrinkles. 
Primers also color correct issues such as redness and sun spots. 
This will give you a smoother surface to start. 
Primer also gives you a longer length to your make-up wear.

The tool you select to apply your foundation is almost as important as the foundation 
You plan to apply.
Using my demonstration above 

Fingertips: Apply way to much products. Using fingertips you tend to over apply. It appears a bit streaky and you potentially clog pores. NO!

Sponges: Absorb majority of your product and apply minimal product on the face. NO!

Foundation Brush: Allows you to use exactly what you need. Are very hygienic if cleaned consistently 
And give you a very smooth and even finish. Yes,!

2. Application: When selecting your foundation shade you want to strip your jaw line.
Avoid demonstrating on hands for shade selection, as hands can be lighter than face. 
When applying start on cheek area and work your way outward as the center of your face is a focal area. The ultimate goal is to cover most concerns with foundation.  
Best Practice: 1/2 pump of foundation on each half of the face and buff on to the face with a dome shape brush in a circular motion for a flawless application 

cconceal (kn-sl)
tr.v. concealedcon·ceal·ing, conceals
To keep from being seen, found, observed, or discovered; hide

Concealer is optional. When using foundation you want to cover majority of your concerns, so minimal concealer is used as it is a heavier texture. Fingertips have always been a go to for application.
However using a loose buffing brush gives you a more airbrush appearance also smooths out products. Fingertips tend to drag the skin and create more wrinkles on the surface of the skin and or around the eye area. Do remember concealer is for covering not correcting. When you are experiencing breakout it is best to allow the breakout to breath avoid packing concealer over it unless you need to! 

Buffing concealer brush.
  3. Setting 
There are many ways to set your foundation you have the option of a loose setting powder 
Or a setting spray. Avoid using a press foundation to set your foundation. 
You may experience a change in foundation color as your natural oils sep through your skin over the course of the day. 

Best Practice: When using a setting powder use a black natural hair brush. When using a black natural haired brush the amount of product you are using is visible to avoid over using products as most setting powders are white or gently tinted translucent shades. Press and roll powder.
When using a setting spray Apply arms length away from the face.
Use the motion of a T followed by an X. Using this technique you apply product to T zone and outer rim of face. 

Prime Apply Set = A flawless foundation

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