I am obsessing over this glitter! This is such a treat for all my glam babies.
these little shadows pack so much power. Moondust shadows are best applied with fingertips.
Looks amazing layer with urban decays shadow pencils or 24/7 eyeliners.
It looks wet sparkly the texture is so fine. There is very little fallout with this product

Favorite shade:

Sparkly shadow goes ultra-sophisticated—with intense hues, microfine sparkle and lush, 3-D metallics.

You’ve never seen a sparkly shadow this sophisticated. Moondust is dazzlingly sparkly but with a super refined, incredibly sophisticated feel (and not a single speck of chunky glitter). Microfine bits of iridescent sparkle collide with intense, dreamy hues and lush, 3-D metallics—for an effect that’s out of this world.

New technology gives Moondust an amazing effect not found in traditional pressed-powder shadows. It feels like a cream but goes on like a powder to create a smooth, brilliantly reflective look. The result? Sexy, twinkling sparkle with a ton of depth and movement. (And a LOT of questions about what you’re wearing!)

We recommend applying Moondust with your fingers. For extra intense color payout, try it wet.

"Every girl deserves to glisten and shine" - Downtown Pepper

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