Wooooohoo! I am exhausted last minute prepping for our 5th year anniversary blog celebration this Thursday at Katra lounge Nyc @ 6pm...

This is all well worth it! Spreading my vision will never stop!

I would like to thank everyone in advance who will be in attendance to this event.

Thank you! To the supports of this blog you motivate me! & the fact that you guys are still standing strong with after 5 years I'm speechless.

When I started this blog I knew with dedication it would be great! But Sheesh! On this mission to spread beauty! This has been a RIDE.... I would take over and over again.

I am a living testament that with dedication & effort..anything is possible so don't be afraid to water your plants & watch grow!!

"Girls deserve to glisten & shine" -Pepper

"Every girl deserves to glisten and shine" - Downtown Pepper

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