5 things i cant Breathe Without !!.....

Yes to Volume! No to Clumps! Mascara

When its comes to mascara i am very picky!!! and this is the one of my dreams. Until i discover better i will be a addicted to this mascara though its only 14.50 it works wonders for ms pepper. No Clumps. it gives me extra volume and most importantly its easy to come off =). My fav

Eyeliner Duo by: Mac

This is the eyeliner to die for. literally!! i love this duo which consist of a teal color on one side and a black kohl on the other. this is definitely a must have.

Heatherette Lip glass. By mac
Color = Bonus Beat

I love nude lips and bonus beat give u a nude lip instantly. normally i have to mix my lip glass to achieve the exact look im looking for but now i gain that nude look instantly GO MAC!! =)

fafi/mac collaboration..

Color = Belightful

Even body always asked me why do i glow .... normally i lie and say oh! its just me ! but its just fafi bronzer/shimmer which is limited so i doubt you'll be able to locate this product this reminds me why i would've purchased more than one. that sucks.

Mac Eye Shadow

Shade = Goldmine'

last but not least .... I've been using this eyeshadow on and off for about 3 years now and it never lets me down NEVER!!! .. TRY IT

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