Model:Eujenya , Photography : Jc Photography Make-Up & Styling : Pepper
So We all know the Early bird Catches the Worm..So why not start 09 out with a bang. this a preview of my latest photo shoot. i had the pleasure of working with one of my personal favorite models. and Dope Ass photographer.. Here a Clip there Will be video Footage on the way much Love Xoxo Pep

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  1. i love the look :)

    && that model is purdyy, kudos .

  2. she looks amazing...

    i love the purple...

    ms. pepper you need to put me on with how to do the dark eye shadow...

    i suck at it!

    great photoshoot!

  3. i like the ice cream that plays a backseat to everything else thats worn.

  4. Love the shoots turnout, love the blog, love your skill.