I wanted to go Hollywood to see all the people and the stars all the actors and actress all the people who worked behind the scenes i wanted go to the beaches and walk in miles of sand. i also want to travel far away where no one spoke any English.. All the Girls had Deep Skin and Full features ..The perfect canvas for me to do my makeup on...Sighs Travel Any where away from HOME Just sit in the window seat of the plane to see if i saw my dreams sitting on those fluffy clouds even see if we get close enuff for me to see a star up close. i knew i wanted to BE a star. NOT A lil star but... A BIG BIG STAR. life is full of millions and billions of people just trying to obtain there goals and dreams. So check confessions of pep part 1 when i speak and elaborate more ion what dreams mean to me.

"NOT a lil star but ...A BIG BIG STAR"......PEP

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