So we make a number of mistakes applying make-up
These are my Top Ten Beauty Dont's
Stop the bad habit for better application

1. Using make-up sponges or fingers to apply foundation.
I am Advocate for using Proper tools this is why.!

2. Not wearing moisturizer if u have a oily skin
oily skin can still be dehydrated so for oily skin
it is essential that use a oil-free moisturizer day and night
here's my favorite brand.

3. Using Black Eyeliner to Fill in Brow
I dont think that Eyeliner should be used at all to fill brow
a brow pencil is the best to define shape
but i think brow powder is most natural.

4. Not Wearing a SPF all year.
So growing up i heard this weird myth that
black people dont get burned by the sun WRONG!
No matter what age size race or complexion
the sun damages you. it cause u to age and develop sun spot possibly cause cancer
so all the playing in the sun during these years u wont
see the damage until your older.

5. Exfoliate To Many Times A week
So you should only exfoliate one a week.
exfoliate to much can cause u to strip your of its essential oils
as well as cause the skin to be flaky
using a mask is also a option
but you still want to do that once a week

6. Lip mistakes.
ladies with smaller lips
if you want to create the illusion of a fuller lip
wear gloss. gloss creates that illusion
Ladies with fuller lips
Gloss can cause the lip to look fuller
so i would go with something more matte or not so heavy on the gloss

7. Using to much foundation
Alot of us dont really need foundation
so why wear it there other alternative
is a tinted moisture it is lighter & still does the same job
I swear by these tinted moisturizers check them out

8. Not using Eyecream
not using a eye cream
concealer just covers the dark circles
eye cream actually treats them
so if you are looking to eliminate them you should be trying eye cream

9. This Trend Was Popular during the 80's
to apply lip liner thats to dark for lips was a
trend in the 80's but it is 2009 now ladies
we shouldnt still wear dark lip liner.

10. Falling Asleep with make-up on !
So did you know every time you fall asleep with make-up on
it ages you 7 minutes !
and you have a whole bunch of makeup traveling right into your pores
while your sleep
so ladies no matter how tired you maybe
take off the make-up

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