I know I said this Before.
But i do believe that you Personality
Determines what type of lipstick u gravitate towards
and your nail polish reflects your mood
I always wear Bright Pink from Vat Von D
Called Backstage Bambi
which im so in with
but im my lipstick is bright like my personality
what do you wear
excuse my weird
make-up beliefs lol

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  1. I myself like a pop of pink. My favorite lipstick that i wear almost everyday is pink to kinda match and even out the natural lighter part of my lips. My nails are usually various shades of pink also or bright colors. And your absolutely right about the colors reflecting your mood. For me it goes a step further, it changes my mood. A bright color almost automatically puts me in a great mood. I rarely, if ever wear dark shades on my eyes, lips, or nails