The thing that draws me to Erykah badu is
i look at her as an artist and i love that she is not a afraid to be her self
she is such a artist!
in every way it shines through her music through her
pictures and most importantly through her personality.
Caramel complexion flawless skin bold hazel/green eyes
Natural beauty is something that she obviously
embodies. Her natural beauty to me is whats beyond the surface.
i like that she has never been afraid to be herself.
Regardless what the public may think of her
beauty lies beyond the surface to me.
Erykah is a mother of 3 children in which she gave natural birth two.
Home schooled her children doctored and nurse herself
and raise are raising them to be just as Strong as her
Now thats BEAUTY.!
Hair and make-up is also something in which i love
with her amazing choice of clothing
and out of the box make-up is just another element in my eye to why she is a
Natural Beauties.

Downtown Pepper

P.S please check out one of my all time favorite videos from
her which actually took place in my neighborhood :)

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