My natural hair is a reddish sandy brown. It is very thick and shoulder length. In the picture below my natural is in a thick tight bun after me unbraiding my hair prior to shampoo. In the pictures below I show my latest trip to hair salon.
I live a busy lifestyle. I don't mind showing pictures of my natural because it's mines :)
I love wearing funky hair styles I don't apply much chemicals to my natural hair to avoid damage. I use a weave as a tool. I weave 80 percent of my hair so that I can achieve shorter hairstyles without cutting my natural hair. My natural is extremely curly when wet & takes forever to blow dry. I treat my hair with a mixture of olive oil coconut oil & Shea butter for hydration with my weave which is a sew in. I wash my hair on a weekly basis. I press my hair afterward to avoid perming. When I do perm my hair I use the soy perm from phyoto which is approximately 60 bucks per box. I also use the Shea butter line from Fredrick Ferkaii I trim my hair eveytime I remove my weave to avoid breakage for weak strands of hair. I wrap my hair every night to avoid so much heat from ironing tools. My two ironing tools are the sultra and Infiniti from conair.

Along with vitamins it's pretty healthy & strong what is your system like ?

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  1. You take very good care of your hair I admire that? I'm doing my best to try and come up wit a healthy routine for my hair. Like you and many other girls I also like to weave my hair cause I'm always looking for a different style/look... Question? Did u ever deal with thinning edges cause I'm lookin for something to strengthen my hair. And the perm does it leave your hair bone str8? Because my hair is thick and the perm I use leaves my hair texlaxed. :/