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The opening for Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s included street performers, $95 chocolate heels and an inflatable Gaga head, but all we can think about are Naomi Yasuda’s nails

Nail artist Naomi Yasuda has held hands with the likes of Lilo, Courtney Love, Ricky Martin, Steve Tyler and Lady Gaga. Like her extravagant nail clients, Yasuda believes nothing is “too extreme” when it comes to nail art. And now a press-on version of her wild talent is available at Lady Gaga’s Workshop, which opened this week at Barney’s.

Yasuda has some trippy nails to match all the circus madness that Lady Gaga stirred up for her psychotic and fabulous pop up shop. Starting at the “mellow” end of the spectrum ($25-$45) Yasuda’s nails will have the tips of your digits stacked high with Swarovski crystals and studs, or laced with gold and silver chains and bold colors. At the other end of the spectrum, nail art enters a whole other galaxy of fantastic Gaga-esque excess with Yasuda bespoke trio that took 2 months to complete. Hand-cut and painted cherry red flames are detailed with semi-precious gems and crystals. Zigzag cut nails look like some wild interpretation of Cubism. And charms of unicorns, guns, skyscrapers, and Lady Libery adorn pointed gold nails that border on weaponry. The extravagant sets can be yours for $225 each.

(Naomi's Most Recent Work Picture Above)

Naomi Yasuda: is a true artist in her approach to nail design. She was born and raised in Japan, where she showed a predisposition for detail and creativity at an early age. This led her to study the art of manicure and nail design at Chunichi Beauty College in Nagoya, Japan. In 2007 she moved to New York City where nails have become her permanent canvas. In a short space of time her work has graced the page of many magazines, music videos and she has built up an ardent following amongst some of the world's leading celebrities and trend setters including Keri Hilson, Lady Gaga and Amanda Lepore. Naomi looks forward to continuing to challenge herself creatively, taking the world of nail art into unchartered territory and inspiring us all along the way. For Naomi Yasuda no nail design is too extreme.

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