I've been coloring my hair permanently for 2 months I don't perm my hair it's something I've never really been in too, I like my hair to be curly when I want it too, and I like seeing my hair natural from time to time, recently I colored my hair a tiny bit lighter than the brown I've been rocking.

It was a process, I mean it's always a process for me with hair,

Washing treatments roller set hot comb I can't tolerate blowing my hair out so I press my hair every two weeks and it last. I dont straighten it in between this has been the safest for me using color,

Along with this I use carols daughter monoi line which I LOVE, and there heat protecting serum is great as well .

On sundays I sleep with there monoi mask in my hair and wake up and wash it out, (every other Sunday) some people wash there hair every 3 days some everyday. I wash my hair with a week in a half to two weeks time frame. When I wash my very frequent my hair gets very dry and cause breakage which I don't like.

I also really like plum oil for hair. You need just a little because it's very concentrated, but it keeps hair hydrated, it important to hydrate our hair during winter because it gets very dry. Just like skin.

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