Cats are temperamental - just like the moon. That's why PAUL & JOE founder Sophie Albou's favorite animal and constant inspiration, the cat, is given a very special place indeed - sculpted onto the tip of PAUL & JOE's luscious limited edition Clair de Lune lipstick! New for Autumn 2010, PAUL & JOE's Clair De Lune collection celebrates the always-evolving, luminous lunar beauty of the PAUL & JOE woman. Each delectably creamy lipstick contains PAUL & JOE's "SECRET D'OR," a blend of several varieties of champagne gold frost, each possessing a different overtone and a sparkle that varies subtly depending on the angle from which you view it. Together, these proprietary ingredients provide a gorgeous color with a sheer, highly translucent sparkle! Packaged in compact tubes printed with patterns from PAUL & JOE's newest fashion collection. And, as it deserves a second mention, there's a kitten carved into the tip of each lipstick!

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