On Wednesday November 30, 2011
I got to spend sometime out of my day at BMCC, (borough of Manhattan community college)
I taught a class on Skincare and Beauty
For Skincare i brought in Licenced Esthetician Shana Ng
Who got more in depth with skincare & did demonstrations.

The class everything listed below:

Skin Care and Preparation
•Makeup Remover
•Eye cream
•How can you tell what type of skin you have?
•How much SPF do I really need?
•When should I exfoliate?
•How do I choose the right cleanser?
•Crème foundation
•Iridescent stick

•How to distinguish if you have olive, yellow, or pink undertones
•Difference between light medium and buildable coverage
•Avoiding white face while taking photos
•Face primer for oily, dry, and combination

Powder and Concealer
•Loose translucent
•Pressed powder
•Iridescent powder (oily skin)

•Sponge or powder brush?

•What shade should I choose?
•Pink base and golden toned concealers
•Concealer brush or fingers?

Highlight and Contour

•Choosing the color pencil or gel for your brows
•What shape should you choose for your face?
•How to fill in your brows

Q & A

Classrooms down my good friend Model & Motivational Speaker
Derrick Smith
held a class on Grooming 101
Which consist of the proper grooming for men, suit and ties,
skincare, and more.

The Course went very well so we will be back next semester! i will share the information with you guys as soon as i get it this will be open to all cuny students enjoy!

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