The salon has to be one of my least favorite places i love my beautician I just hate sitting under the dryer. My hair isn't the easiest to maintain home. I have natural hair and I still like it to wear it straight. Which can be a big task at home. I have at home practices that make my trip easier. Like sleeping with my deep conditioner/hair
mask and tui oil or olive oil overnight to hydrate my hair so it is softer & moisturized it's important to hydrate curly or natural hair. Curly hair and natural can get appear very strong because of texture but is sometimes weak. It can be weak do to mixtures of products, frequent washing which drys pthe hair, split ends, not trimming, lack of moisture there are various reasons

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  1. What type of straight weave do you use? Also I've been looking for a good weaving hair salon. Is yours inexpensive and good?

  2. i use indian remy hair by the ounce i only have 3 tracks in my hair is really thick, i go to a stylist in downtown brooklyn she is very economical and is great