White vintage boyfriend blazer 
On my last trip shopping I stumbled across a lot of great things.
These are just a few things of many that I grabbed.

I've always been in love with vintage clothing, the feeling of getting something that can potential be one of one is great. We grab todays style from the past so why not grab something a little older and worn in.
Every time I travel out of state I make it my business to find and good vintage shop before I go!
I honestly prefer spending 25 bucks on 5 shirts than 50 on one that everyone will have.
I am the extreme bargain shopper which leaves me with more money and more options so it's a WIN WIN situation. 

I find a lot of places in Nyc are over priced so I don't bother with them!
I found a few great spots in downtown Brooklyn that are hidden treasures :) 
A real thrift shop has feasible prices so be wise vintage shopping.

Time to time I will post a few things I stumble upon :) 

Leopard velvet tunic 

Leopard and chains silk shirt 

Vintage leather burgundy suitcase for short travel

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