NAKED Skin Ultra Definition Foundation

Light weight Free of Parabens oil and fragrance 
Key ingredients:

Matrixyl 3000 (anti wrinkle peptides) skin will appear more youthful

Lichiderm- derived from lychee fruit Protects against dehydration stress and aging 

Green tea and vitamin E fight against free radicals and promote collagen production 

Sodium Hyaloranate hydrating properties 

I have to be honest i find that a lot of the times we wear foundation, 
We may not love but we are comfortable with how it looks so we scared to venture out.

Common Concerns:
Afraid to breakout.
afraid it wont match your complexion
Afraid it wont match in pictures.
Afraid that it will look to thick.
Afraid it will make you oily or to dry.

I faced all these concerned and i must admit i was scared
to switch my current routine which was so hard to find initially.

However I'm loving the new naked skin :)

i don't set this foundation with anything 
i just do my prepping and go!
it looks so natural it has great coverage 

this is definitely one of the new must haves with foundation

I'm transitioning from MUFE HD. 
Which is a thicker consistency.
The Naked skin is weightless so im all for it! 

Shade Range 
The available shades are:
0.5 – neutral/cool
1.0 – warm/golden
2.0 – warm/golden
3.0 – warm/golden
3.5 – neutral/cool
4.0 – warm/golden
4.5 – neutral/cool
5.0 – warm/golden
5.5 – neutral/cool
6.0 – warm/golden
6.5 – neutral/cool
7.0 – warm/golden
7.5 – neutral/cool
8.0 – warm/golden
9.0 – warm/golden
10.0 – warm/golden
11.0 – warm/golden
12.0 – warm/golden 
Fairest Shade 
Fairest compared to darkest

My complexion 

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