I was happy with a few things I purchased from the Nars Andy Warhol Collection.
I generally buy the collections for the limited colors.
Debbie Harry all over the campaign was great.
Being a fan of Warhol's work I was excited about this. 
I was impressed with all the nail polish shades!

The fact they had a make-up set was nice bonus.
I would like a make-up bag from this collection but they didn't make one :(

New York Dolls was my FAVORITE polish of the bunch!

I love the highlighter blush satellite love, I've been wearing it everyday since i opened it. 
I wear this along with love joy which is my normal daily blush. 

Did you pick up anything from this collection if so what did you like?

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  1. I totally bought the same items as you.

    I am planning on buying that nail polish gift set from the collection.