Happy New Years ALL!
This blog has been my platform to express serval ideas in the past it is my baby! I have been blogging here since I was 20 years old. I am now 27 years. I have grown and developed so much. I spend majority of my time now working as executive for Urban Decay Cosmetics, Funny huh? I remember blogging about that being my dream when I first started here.  I do a lot of travel and working on the business aspect of cosmetics as well as sales. One thing that kept my blog booming over the years was my consistency and I want to continue to bring you guys quality post as well new authors to read about. I will share my post and love for beauty and travel. One new venture that I have been putting my whole heart into is my beauty magazine which is currently on Version 2 with the likes of serval female shakers and bakers here in NYC! I utilize this magazine as a platform to introduce female talent! feel free to pick up your copy the link is in two post back.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!! full of prosperity, good health, happiness, success, new money and new make-up.

Lastly I want to take the time out to introduce Darlynn! who is a new permeant writer to the blog who has done guest blogging here!!!

We look forward to a new year of reading and writing with you guys! xoxo

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