Hi Pepper, Recently found your blog & added you on myspace. My question is what lip gloss do you use because I'm tired of the ones that either flake off and/or fade quickly. -Simone http://myspace.com/simonebeloved
Pepper to Simone show details Nov 5 Reply
Hey thanks for checking out my blog. Honestly my favorite gloss is by stilla. They have a wide variety of shades to start. They stay on for a long time and they don't cake in between your lips.
I also like glossiness by benifit they have about 8 shades but they are really creamy as well and last long.

If you want something that last all long time maybe you shouldn't gloss maybe you should try a stain that might work better.
Xoxo PEP.
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  1. I'm starting to get annoyed with lip-gloss I wear lipstick almost everyday ! it's hard to find lipgloss that doesn't cake up and leave crust, even that damn mac lip glass cakes ugh. I went to the drugstore and got Covergirl wet slicks to put over my lipstick and it worked good too. I'm going to try Stila though =)

    (damn that was long)