Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 Makeup
"Secret Garden Collection"
Hey Beauties, Check out this super cute and pretty makeup collection by Dolce & Gabbana!!
This Secret Garden Collection is going to be so great for the spring and summer seasons.
The pastel colors of pink and lilac are so beautiful and these are such feminine colors, I'm so in LOVE with this collection!!
Here are some pics of some of the products...
Smooth Eye Color Quad $59.00
Smooth Eye Color Duo $36.00
Shine Lipstick $30.00
Romance & Love
LipGloss $29.00
Secret & Bon Bon
Eyeliner $29.00
White & Lilac
Illuminator $47.00
Intense Nail Lacquer $20.00

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  2. Hey there Pepper. I really like your blog and what it's all about. I have one myself for my handmade jewelry and accessories @

    It's still starting up so it's not all together yet, but you can take a look and also see what I have on sale at!

  3. love it!