I decided to share this story with everyone.
My profession grants me the opportunity to meet every type of person.
sometimes they just wanna feel beautiful
and i have the ability to fulfill that.
today i had the most meaningful experience thus far i provided make-up for a blind woman
her family brought her in to find make-up for to make her beautiful
i sat talked with and focused on everything she wanted
all though she couldn't see she new exactly what she wanted what hues she wanted to use
to the exact tee.
i provided her with make-up as if she was headed to the grammys
but it touched because i encounter every type of person, happy,sad,excited, stress, WATEVER
and i just allow my positive energy to rub off on them and hopefully it makes a difference in some way.
and allow them to see my love & passion for my craft
i just wanted to express that.
xoxo Pepstar

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