Ok Dolls.
So the true way to unlock your beauty
is through good skincare & diet
Make-up is what we use to cover the issues
but skincare & diet comes first before anything
So i have been beef & pork free a year now
Woop Woop & drink lots of water
So here is one of my hidden treasures that i wish to share with you ladies

Antioxidant Vegetable Therapy
It is a natural supplement that gives you benefits of 15 functioning vegetables and herbs young barley leaves, soy fiber, kale, and tomato Eating right for health and beauty can be a challenge. These convenient, easy-to-swallow tablets are a blend of "perfect vegetables" can help boost vitality and aid your body's ability to protect itself from cell destruction caused by free radicals 5 tablets a day. Also helps free those toxins floating around get my drift lol

thought i share this with my dolls

Check them out they are only 18$ and 100% Natural

Xoxo Pepper

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