Sorry ! Idc How many times shes in the tabloids for something outrageous
she is still and incredible actress
and has taken part in some of my all times favs.
i am a product junkie. so this is how this blog came about
Ms. Lindsay is Releasing her own tanning lotion Sevin Nyne.
Which i think is a good thing.
because it will stop a few people from hopping in those BED :(
She is a firm believer in avoiding the sun
and so am i.
that has the worst affect on your skin.
no matter what complexion you are
Her tanner is due to release @ all Sephora
waiting to see the response
Will you Buy it ?
Xoxo Pepsi :)

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  1. hmm well i might use it. i tend to get burnt in the sun and turn orange instead of BROWN =/

  2. make sure u wear SPF ALL YEAR ROUND you normally dont see you sun damage until your later years not matter what complexion u are

  3. damnnn i just went to miami and sat in the sun for days and did not put on any SPF..was that stupid?? i mean how badly damaged can your skin get??