Beauty is a around task.
including hair care & Dental care
is this blog i will show my favorite products to maintain
that Mani & Pedi
The 4 step buffer 5.00 us
Cuticle oil from Opi 9.00 us
Nail hydrator which is good for nail breakage
As well as providing strength & nail length 9.00 us
The Nail brightener. for people like myself who don't always
have the time to use a bottom coat this keeps your nails bright
also helps with polish stains 9.00
Drying drops are a busy woman's best friends
literally try your entire nails in two minutes Flat. 14.00 us
A gentle nail polish remover.
to avoid making the nail weak & causing more breakage 6.00
Keep those nails fresh dolls for spring
Xoxo Pep.

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