its just getting started but shortly there will be a number things to choose from,
People always ask where i buy certain things from
i get them in thrief stores and things of that nature,
i honestly love to shop for the thrill
i buy things for shoots and don't use them again or just buy things wear them once and never go back to them
why not share some of my prize possessions

i have a extreme obsession for shopping i buy things for the thrill sometimes i don't wear them,were as in sometimes i wear it once and it gets tossed to the side, I will be selling items.. that i think are cool some rare... some vintage! so brand new some old, you will be able to find in this shop shoes handbags clutches make-up bags, beauty items nail garnish along with company logo items and things i have hand made personally this is a artist spot! if i think its cool it up here, Bye :) check out

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