Stila is well known for their talking eyeshadow palettes. The talking palette guides you by telling you how and where to apply the eyeshadow to create the look. Well apparently Stila took up five notches and created the Stila Makeup Player.

You guys might see this on TV because that's how I found out about it. I haven't seen a commercial by Stila ever so I was confused when I saw this but funnily enough I did what the commercial asked me to do and went to to find out about their new product.

The Stila Makeup Player costs 69.90. It comes with the Makeup Player which talks to you, has videos to show you how to apply makeup, it looks like you can hook up your iPod or iPhone on to it, I'm not too sure. Comes with a foundation, an eyeshadow trio, a lip glaze, a convertible color, an eyeshadow brush, a DVD and an instruction card. So go take a look at it! It looks like fun!

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