I'm such a scenery freak.

In the past few weeks I feel
Like I've grown more than I've grown in the past few months.
I've had so much time to reflect &
Focus on myself

Sometimes it's hard to catch up with what's going on my life. One morning I waking up in new york then that night I'm in California having drinks... So sometimes my brain doesn't process my bodies movements right away.

All though I'm very afraid of planes I love looking out the window. & digesting all of where my hard work has taken me.
I'm very Thankful of everything I have ... I don't take one bit of it for granted. I use the mistakes of people who are close to me. & watch how they let good things slip through there hands because of taking things for granted and not being humble or maybe even arrogant at times. I allow it to humble me and try not to make there mistakes.

I try not to fly through life so fast because life is something you only live once & you never get to live again.

So by spreading out my good karma & positive energy... I receive it back.

Downtown Pepper
"Every Girl Deserves to Glisten & Shine"...

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