i am a firm believer that aroma's interfere with your moods
while i was in soho a few days ago
i went in sabon to pickup a few candles
all my candles are used for different moods for me
i light a lavender and vanilla candles at night because it calms me
i burn a grapefruit oil in the morning
which puts me in a extremely good mood

This ginger candle is used for good focus.
its ginger & orange and when im working from home
i light this candle and i have a more clear mind for writting.
i had to get there hand cream it is amazing...
no girl should have rough hands unless you build homes for a living :)
*laughs aloud *

Visit Elizabeth @ the soho location she is amazing!

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  1. Im SUCKER!!!! for candles, especially for good scented candles.I checked out the site and was amazed at how cheap the candles were for the sizes that they are. I want to know how long does the aroma last??? I just my add that to Saturday list for stores to visit.