All of these looks below demonstrate a flawless skin blushing cheek
and a cute pout colored lip.

My reason behind this suggestion:
Honestly Ive been in the make-up industry from sometime now.
Ladies tend to over do it with the make-up on Valentine's day.

Men love the idea of having a natural
beauty with no flaws lol (only in a perfect world).
so why not give that appearance on the most intimate holiday.
There will be tons of smooching going on so no need to have runny eyeshadow and liner.

Not to mention, Guys know nothing about make-up
so a full on smokey eye on valentines day appears to be a bit much.
All though we get dressed and do our make-up to feel pretty for our selves
why not be that flawless little vixen for your love interest.

Colored Lip:
My reason behind a colored lip suggestion is since we aren't going to have a
ton of eyeshadow why not do a colored lip or gloss
it will draw attention to the lip since theres no other bold distraction on the face
although guys hate the idea of wearing your lipstick after kissing,
I think they would prefer that instead of a full face of make-up on Valentine's day.

Creating flawless skin or the appearance of a beat face in minutes
My quick Step Flawless face kit:
1. Water base Primer
2. FULL cover Concealer (must be buffed with a brush)
3. 1 light set powder (translucent) for underneath the eye, 1 a shade or 2 darker (translucent) for your actual face
4. HD foundation or any skin
finish foundation
5. ALL nighter Spray.
This little concoction works wonders trust me it may seem like a lot however
its not when you want to look flawless :)

Lips: I say matte's or gloss go according to preference.
I'll be doing something a little more glossy this year
even though i love mattes, Matte lipsticks taste gross.
i say keep it in the pinkish and reds family lets be festive! lol
Lip Primer is a must!

Colored Lip, Flawless Skin.
In My Previous Post of Reds (Demonstrated Below)
Enjoy! Your Valentines Day Smooch away Xo Pepper

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