Everyone's always looking for the latest beauty tips and tricks without realizing that certain tips need to be accommodating to the season. I mean would you wear white after labor day? Probably not unless your one of those fearless "idgaf" fashion icons that we love to hate. This is why I've complied a list of some of my personal favorite winter beauty must haves/ essentials that I ABSOLUTELY cannot go a day without. I hope you'll find a way to work some of these small little must haves into your daily beauty regime. 

1. Philosophy Purity One Step Facial Cleanser (it is soooo important that we make sure to properly keep our faces cleaned and moisturized so that we can look just as flawless without the makeup. This also can be dual purpose and serve as a makeup remover)
2. MAC Fast Eye Response (great product I have been using for years. Works magic if you have naturally puffy eyes especially if you just woke up and are running late. It also keeps under your eye nice and moist because that can sometimes be the driest part of our skin especially in the winter)
3.Cocoa Butter. (use it, sparingly but use it. Not necessarily when your applying your makeup but especially at night before bed. Helps greatly with those cold winds)
4. L'Oreal "Greyt Expectations," and Essie "Sugar Daddy,". A cute polish is EVERYTHING!!
5.Clarisonic Mia (this is my baby! It's a professional travel size skinbrush that usually runs for about $119. Mine is light pink but I have my eyes on the turquoise one. Soooo cutey, cute, cute!I also use this with the philosophy purity cleanser I mentioned above)
6.IPOD (ofcourse this isn't an actual beauty product; but I believe firmly that music is the soundtrack to our lives. And sometimes just hearing the right song while your strolling in this winter weather, can make you feel like thee most beautiful girl in the world)
7. Stilla "Make Me Blush" Blush...uhhh its amazing, gives your cheeks that extra sexy pink from the cold look.
8. Two-Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer ( I have been using this since 07, I actually swear by all Two Faced products. This bronzer gives you that fresh kissed by the sun glow that is still perfect enough for winter. Kind of like you were skiing in Aspen!)
9. MAC GRAPHBLACK Technakohl eye-liner. (During the winter our eyes tend to run the most especially mine. So many times people come up to me like miss are you ok thinking that I've been crying but this eyeliner last all day long! I love it especially because I dabble between various eyeliners.) 
10. And last but not least is a SMILE!! Always keep a smile with you because that can take your entire look from cute to BEAUTIFUL  . Don't forget to top this smile off with a nice lipgloss or lipstain.I don't use too much color because I naturally have pink lips and I don't like to overdo it, so for those of you who like a modest lip I recommend MAC's Right Image and their Double Dare which gives a nice sexy red tint.

And there you have it, all you need to keep it cute and warm for the winter. Also send in some of your favorite winter must-haves and photossss!

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