Here are a few pictures from Dawn Richard's recent feature in Pynk Magazine 
I thought the theme was darling.
The selection of wardrobing and make-up very well put together!
I am excited to see more from her in the future 
Dawn is amazing and from meeting her briefly she is so humble and sweet!
I love her make-up!!!
 Did i mention how much i love her hair which i will post in a separate post! 
i adore it, the cotton candy colors work! i love it 

This is a preview to her interview Below:
(source Pynk Magazine)

Where do you see your music career going in the next 5 years? 
Dawn: “I would hope that my music reaches the masses without losing anyone in the process. I think musically when people listen to this RnB and watch the dance that goes along with it the movements are a little bit more moving, than when people simply listen to other RnB.  I hope that the word innovative would be used a lot. I hope that after people have seen the same thing over and over again,  their eyes will be open to something different. I am a storyteller, and I would love to be telling who I am while continuing to push the envelope through my music.”

On personal style:
“I am a huge fan of pushing the envelope, I am a hippy at heart. I enjoy mixing different prints and patterns together.”
On her crushes?:
“Zoe Kravitz,  I love her acting, style, and modeling career. Zoe Saldana is another one of my crushes.”
On man crush: 
“James Dean  if he were still existent he would be my man crush. He provided a sense of inspiration in fashion, and really defined the ultimate cool, to be the choices I make in my old world.”

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