My mission this Sunday was to get my hands on a economical system for my skincare. I know there's something out there!! I'm really over spending 25 bucks on a cleanser that my skin just adapts to after 3 or 4 months and I don't get as effective results.

Recently Ive tried a few things but I didn't love them, I really prefer to use one line when I have a skin regimen.

I won't break away from my moisturizer from Boscia however I'm open to any good cleanser.

I have combination to oily skin.
When I shop for skincare generally I look for the following:

-A purifying cleanser gel form Which I use on my clarisonic

-Vitamin C

-Toner spray form preferably

-Exfoliator & mask that I alternate

In whole foods I stumble across this purifying cleansing gel for 10.00 it's pretty good!!!

The biggest thing is my face feels clean! after, Some cleaners you still feel a little residue and oil on the skin.

The herbal tonic 10.00 (toner) was in a spray form !!!!! which is difficult to find they gave you the option of both spray and traditional form.

I got a gentle scrub, which I love because it's not so gentle its still abrasive enough to get that dead skin off without irritating your skin. I normally do my scrub once a week, and do my mask once a week Sunday's and Wednesday. I never do both the same day just a personal preference I don't like to dry the skin out.

I'm a happy camper now!!! :)
Downtown Pepper <3

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