Clicking my heels theres no place like home! 
 This weekend was great!
I got to spend sometime with my sister and older cousin.
I got to be tourist which i barely do in my city.

This weekend consist of partying street fairs, tattoo's 
the seaport,dumbo sunrise and mustache cookies. 
Biggie Dumbo Paper 
 I am a scenery freak as you guys may know 
i thought this was dope! 

I took this photo at 6 in the morning coming back home from the club.
I still have no clue how I ended up in dumbo but it was perfect! 

Mustache cookies from Choice in brooklyn next door my favorite tattoo place Greene ave tattoo's 
My younger sister and i :)
Headed out for drinks and dance :) 

Seaport on sunday night, drinks in the drizzling weather! 
Talks about life relationships and happiness! 
thanks to my cousin for getting all the ladies flowers 
i respect a gentlemen before anything  :) 

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