I would've prefer to express my happiness for this brand in video form. 
My schedule has been insane these days,
However there is no way I could go without expressing this in someway shape or form. 
 I would like to take the time to personally congratulate The Lip Bar on the one year anniversary.
I have a special connection to this brand these women truly inspire me.
It is one thing to be great..but its another thing to be great and humble.
They are a rare breed of artistic women!

The beauty they embody shines through with the brand.
The lip bar creator and creative director are amazing inside and out!. 
The Lip Bar brand definitely sets an example for young women like myself. 
When you are passionate about something go for it! 
You will reach levels unimaginable. 

With the hard work and dedication you would think this brand has been around for years. 
Ladies keep it up!
You are truly A inspiration to us ladies in beauty 
Lets have a toast to beauty for the ladies at The Lip Bar
Sincerely Pepper 

P.s Water your plants watch them grow. 

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