Everyone who knows me knows i am very fond of Stila's products. Stila is no stranger to providing makeup for the top fashion show we watch daily. i am so excited for there new collaboration for Mattel's 50th anniversary. it will be exclusive to the 5Th ave sephora in NYC. :) so it will definitely be a hands on experience for me :)

There Will be 4 limited Barbie Tin Cans that Can be purchase 40.00 Us

The Tin Cans a Great to use as storage when done i use my tin can from the Sephora 10 anniversary to hold brushes

1980's Foxy Doll

"1959 Ponytail Doll"

"1971 Malibu Doll"

"2000 Jewel doll"

The infamous Talking palette i personal own all of there previous shades for i am super excited :) this will retail at 42.00 it will talk you through a make up application .. its the best

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  1. And we loves that Barbie loves Stilla.:))

  2. I love love love this! maybe even better than the mac collaboration....

    love the blog ;) very glamorous