Hey Pep, I'm Megan from Long Island. I've been using Clean & Clear facial cleanser & mositurizer. But I've recently realized that its been drying my face out. I was wondering if you can recomand some facial products that can help lock in my skins natural mositure. & I have one more question: I'm 16 & i was wondering what's a good makeup regimen that is quick & easy since I don't have much time in the morning. Thanks! =)

Peps Response:
Hello How are you.
So I think you should get your self into a routine so you should try Clinques skin care
because they have a good System that get you into a routine.
Daytime Cleanser & Moisturizer Night Cleanser & Moisturizer and Night Cream
According to You skin Type They Also Come in Travel Sizes which i would suggest to start with first to see how you skin reacts to it
Since Your 16 i would say keep it clean & fresh such as
a light tinted moisturizer like naked shadow
mascara a light layer of gloss and a soft eyeliner that will compliment your tone
your 16 so enjoy your youthful skin NO Foundation!!

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