Hey Pepper,My name is Maurissa[MARISSA] LOL.uhm and I'm like dark not VERY DARK.but dark enough.&& sometimes i just really want to have that extra look going on.but I cant really find the right make up to help me.like i wanna wear eye liner i put it on and i look like a racoon! lol my eyes are kinda big.but i wanna wear make-up! :( not alot but enough I'm only 17 but still.i cant really explain my skin tone but if sending you a pik of me helps you help me then i will do :)ugh that was uhmm kinda homo.lol but yes PLEASE HELP ME!!! :(
My Response :
hey Marissa :) how are ya hun.
my suggestion would be...since your only 17.
try something light , fresh and simple but still with a little spunk
so i would say get a tinted moisturizer. and do that all over a little bit of concealer under the eyes
a light layer of matte shadow across your lids alittle blush over your cheeks
a thin layer of eyeliner on the top lid and smug it alittle and a load of mascara :)
send me a picture so i can give a suggest on blush tones and lip tones
thankxx mucho Pep.

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  1. Hey Pep.
    thank you soo much I will try this out.
    hopefully i put on the right ammount and wont look like a DRAG QUEEN.
    the pic i will send