Some people ask me how i get my eyebrows to looks so perfect.
Your eyebrows are the window to your face. your eyebrows frame your face as well
it is absolutely essential to have eyebrows shaped

This Diagram above helps you to create the proper shape brow
for your face shape and eye shape
the goal is to have your brows to fit your face shape
A easy tool to use to know if you your brows are portioned properly

is a brush ruler,pencil anything with a straight edge
i take the brush at the inner corner of my eye
like the diagram of above that wear brow should
next the brush diagonal from the corner of my nose (brush should land at the end of pupil)
This is Where Your brow arch should be
Lastly i take the Brush from the corner of my Lip Upward and this is where brow stops!
Defining Brow:
These are products i like to use for brow defining and what they are used for

The Precision Brow Pencil From Kevyn Aucion I like to use this product to strech in little areas of hair to define and to make the brow seem more full but with the appearance of actual hair so empty spots you would like to fill is easy with this tool

Eyebrow Powder which looks way more natural then your average pencil
I often use the lighter color for the hair in the front of the brow that is more thick and i use the darker powder for the back of the brow where it needs more definition considering the brows are so thin!

Clear setting gel
i use this handy tool to set powder
to lock the powder in so it doesnt move!
and to tame those un ruley brows
that never stay in place ugh

Stencil are always a option if you are finding difficutly making your shape!

Highlighting underneath the brow bone adds the extra icing on top of the cake!
this is my trick on my secret when i dont have my eyebrow
they make my eyes look so big and brighter
they make my arch seem more neat and precise

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