I always keep a look out on what's new, what doesn't hurt my pocket, and most of all what's ingenious. I won't lie my fascination with makeup began in the drugstores, but I'll be honest, sometimes there are great finds and sometimes everything is generic. Then there are stores like Mac and Sephora, makeup meccas! There are times when I'll pick up an item and one look at the price will place it back on the shelf. Don't get me wrong, sometimes products are well worth the money but sometimes we just don't have the funds!

Recently my sister showed me her recent haul from Avon. I'm sure we're all familiar with Avon, a company that sells it's stock mostly through catalogue. Everything is always reasonably priced. What caught my attention from her entire haul (because she had a lot of stuff!) was Avon's Spectracolor Lipstick. What I love about this product is that first, it's not really lipstick it's lipgloss. I ♥ lipgloss! The most important thing about this lipgloss is that it has seven shades in one. YES! Seven shades in one! How? Well, there are two shades of color from the same spectrum and depending on the level you choose on the meter at the bottom of your lipgloss, the two colors mix and voila! 7 shades in one! It's on sale right now for $7.99. There are 10 different spectrums you can choose from and yes each delivers 7 different shades. I feel like it's reasonablt priced, seeing as how you het 7 different colors in one. Avon is planning on hiking up the price to $9.50 and I still feel like that's a steal. You can pay $16.00 for one shade at a makeup mecca or $9.50 for seven at Avon.

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I went into my local Avon store and ordered "The Browns" edition of this gloss. Can't wait to see how it works! Thanks for the suggestion.