I had a good day this previous weekend with my friend Mayumi!
i am advocate of using things that are healthy for you :)
it is very hard to find salons that do Cal gel in New York
But cal gel is not artificial tips its a Japanese Gel that is Extremely for your nails
it's not UV gel but it is dried with a UV light
it makes your nails grow really fast it doesn't break them
it allows oxygen to flow through to the nail
i will be doing a growth report on the blog
so I'm excited my nails are posted above!!
its about a hour and half long process
you can keep for a month before you need to re due them
the glitter & stones are layered underneath the gel
to maintain it all you need to do is apply cuticle oil
& UV top to avoid turning them yellow and melting of the gel

Stay tuned growth report.
-Downtown Pepper!!

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  1. I've been doing research about the calgel nails. I was wonderin: How were you able to find salons that does them?? Especially that does a wonderful job and designs for a great price.