Now, I'll be honest when the first collection came out, I wasn't too impressed with the cans but, Stila really one upped themselves this time! The new Barbie ♥ Stila looks fantastic.
I HATE when people compare it to the MAC collection because they revere it above all others. I love MAC as much as the next makeup junkie, but I don't like to bash the competition without so much as making a comparison, no, I like to test it out and then make a decision.
This collection is in a league all it's own! It has 12 eyeshadow shades in the palette. They're super pigmented and go from neutral to vibrant. What I'm especially excited about are the Barbie ♥ Stila SMUDGE POTS!!! If you haven't already noticed or read any of my posts I am an eyeliner fiend, so I'm excited about these new smudge pots! Three new colors, Little Black Dress (such an Audrey Hepburn name, my icon!!!) which, is black with subtle hints of shimmer. Cobalt Clutch is an amazing electric blue with shimmer and Purple Pumps is a vibrant fun almost neon purple with shimmer as well. They also made a lip enamel trio and three new lip glazes. Stila also introduced a new liquid liner for this collection. I feel like it's a new trend for makeup brands to introduce a sort of felt tip eyeliner in their collections this fall (Kat Von D, Lorac, and even Sephora has one) and this is what this is.
So go to your local makeup store and play around with the new collection and pick up what you like!!!! I'm sure you guy'll love a few things!

p.s. Pictures for these new products will be posted as soon as I get chance!!!!

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