Helllloooooo Lovelies! Two posts in one day, my aren't we lucky??! Well, if you can't get enough of us, PLEASE (and I do mean PLEASE!!!) join Pep tomorrow night at 7pm for a LIVE (yes, in real time) chat! If you saw it this Sunday and had trouble participating in the chat here are a couple of tips:

1) If you want to see the show and not participate in the chat, you're welcome to watch it, just go to MoreCompositionIncPlease.Com, Hit Lipstick Language, and Watch.

2) If you want to see show and chat with us LIVE (oh the excitement)! Please make sure you have a USTREAM account! To make the account go to Ustream.tv and sign up. You don't have to broadcast but you'll be able to speak to us on the chat. Once you've made the account, head over to MoreCompositionIncPlease.Com, Hit Lipstick Language, sign in and chat with us live!

Tomorrow, Pep's gonna touch up on these topics:

*Lauren Luke Paletter
*Living Proof Shampoo and Conditioner
*Living Proof Styling Products
*and more...

So please, TUNE IN!!!

One more time, Lipstick Language, tomorrow night at 7pm. Live from MoreCompositionIncPlease.Com! Hit Lipstick Language and WATCH!


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