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The time is almost here and it's NEVER, I repeat, NEVER too early to start thinking about Christmas! In fact, if you started your shopping now, you'd probably a)save more money b)have more time for yourself 3)be less stressed out. There are no lines, no fighting over the last item left on the shelf. So, why not start now? I'm starting now and all your favorite brands are putting out their new stuff!

The last few weeks walking into work has been exciting. I love the new holiday palettes! I am in LOVE ♥ with Too Faced's Glamour Revolution palette! For a mere 39.50USD you get 9 eyeshadows, 3 lip glosses, a bronzer, a blush and a Shadow Insurance and since it's inspired by Marie Antoinette, I have to buy it! Oh and it's Limited Edition. If you want something smaller, Too Faced also came out with a Glamour to Go III palette. It costs 19.50USD and it has 8 shadows, 4 glosses, and 1 blush! It's so adorable too, small and convenient it makes a wonderful stocking stuffer. Too Faced has two more limited edition palettes but uhhh I have other brands I want to talk about too! :)

How could I, the eyeliner fiend, not tell you about my absolute favorite eyeliner? Stila is also selling a limited edition set of smudge pots! So, for the price of two, you will be getting four! Granted, they're small but, the thing about smudge pots is that they dry out fast when they're in the normal jar, so if they're small, they stay fresher longer! This set comes with 4 shades! Kitten, which is fashioned by Stila's number one selling nude shimmering powder eyeshadow; Black Cat, which is a black (duh!) with a champagne shimmer; Violet, just think ultraviolet, and Starry Night (ohhh Van Gogh), which is a navy blue that shimmers.

Bare Escentuals has a LOT of new holiday palettes, limited edition as well. The ones that caught my eye were the Extreme Glimmers and the Buxom Babes about Town palettes. The Extreme Glimmers look like a pile of chunky glitter in the pot so, naturally I was afraid of it. Then, I picked it up and blended it into my skin and VOILA, gorgeous, beautiful, perfect for the holiday glimmer! The set comes with three shades, a brush, and Bare Escentuals eyeshadow primer, Prime Time (I really like this primer). I can't tell you, it's like a snowflake had babies on your face. Seriously! It's absolutely beautiful and you can get that for 32USD. Now the Buxom Babes about Town is a set of Bare Escentuals mini Buxom Lip Polishes and Buxom Lip Sticks. You get four Lip Sticks and four polishes. There is one Lip Stick I love, it's a berry shade, berry shades are very flattering and they're also very autumn.

Now, don't forget about your skin! Fresh's Sugar Wish Gift Set is a must! It costs 28USD and believe me when I say that is a deal, because the Sugar Lip Treatment in this set sells for 22.50USD ALONE. This set also has the wonderfully smelling and deliciously enticing Brown Sugar Body Cream. I LOVE ♥ this cream. It's moisturizing, not greasy, and the smell...divine! It also comes with a cute little gold bag, perfect for a night out. ~_^

Last but not least, URBAN DECAY. Okay, sorry, I know, we've been talking about their new stuff forever now but they truly are great values and wonderful products. You probably didn't know that when Urban Decay first came out they had nail polishes and now the nail polishes aren't part of the line and a lot of us are upset about it! However, UD being the wonderful brand that it is, has come out with 7 nail polishes in uber cute packaging, so we are happy again! It costs 26 dollars, the Apocalyptic Nail Kit, has a beautiful range of color! Another set that I ♥ from UD is the 24/7 Super Stash, this time they have NINE mini eyeliners! They're about a third of the size of a normal 24/7 pencil, but this is okay, because they last long anyway. This set has four exclusive shades. Two BRAND NEW, LIMITED EDITION PALETTES. They're so Sexy! Haha. First, I'll start with the Show Pony Shadow Box. It has 6 shades, two of them exclusive and has a price point of 30USD. I love the packaging on this box! This is a great gift, great stocking stuffer, great to buy for yourself...hey, why not? Finally, we have the momma of all palettes, fanfare please (fanfare!!!!)...The Book of Shadows Volume 2!!! This one comes with two 24/7 pencils, Zero (black) and Bourbon (brown) and a travel size Eyeshadow Primer Potion! The Book of Shadows, Vol II has 16 shadows, 8 exclusive and 8 best sellers. It comes with a look book, so you can have some ideas and get inspired!
So this is it for the holiday gift sets...for now that is...haha!


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